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The Startup Sisters USA mission is simple: Empower women of wild ambition. Our master events and workshops reach hundreds of women each month and we are growing in our efforts to support female entrepreneurs. Since launching in early 2018, we have bloomed to more than 2,000 members across the Southeast.

As the rate of entrepreneurship rises, the number of women launching new companies still lags behind. Only 17% of startups have a female founder. Yet success isn’t out of sight. Women-led businesses statistically outperform those run by men alone, despite the fact that they only receive 2.7% of all venture capital. Our goal is to enrich women with resources and support to build robust companies, pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, and connect with female founders in their community.

Whether you're looking to reach exceptional female leaders who are excelling in business, want to increase the number of women-owned ventures in your local economy, or seek to gain visibility and diversity of ideas for your company, Startup Sisters USA can help.

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