Become a community organizer

Community Organizers are volunteers who plan and host Startup Sisters’ events. If you want to shape and give back to your entrepreneurial community, apply to start a chapter in your city.

Community Organizers Give:

As a leader in your startup community, you will commit to organizing, hosting, and promoting at least three (3) events per year in your city (Don’t worry! We’ll give you all the content and logistics you need to succeed).

Community Organizers Get:

  • Startup Sisters Goodies: We’ll send you a Startup Sisters tote bag and stickers for your first meetup. You will also get free yearly subscription to all Startup School content, courses, and education after you’ve hosted your second event. 

  • Awesome Networking Opportunities: You’ll meet amazing people networking as a Community Organizer. You'll also be invited to our monthly community chats with Startup Sisters leaders, as well as connect with business experts from across the country.

  • Event Experience and Revenue Sharing:  Our events are special and connect you with entrepreneurs across the nation. Share that you’re a Community Organizer on your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or other profiles. Also, if you choose to charge for your events, we’ll split the profits with you (because boss babes deserve to get paid).

Want to start a Startup Sisters chapter in your city? Let us know!

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